DJ/Drummer & Sax Entertainment

Can't decide between a DJ or live music?

Ask about Grapevine's DJ/Drummer or DJ/Drummer & Sax entertainment. Enjoy the best of both worlds!

A blend of the original artists with the sound of a live performance. From top 40 to big band and everything in between, the DJ drives the beats and mixes the music, the sax & percussionist musicians will help to create the live band experience with the familiar vocals you know and love!

DJ - Drummer at wedding reception - Video below

Low key for the cocktail hour or rehearsal dinner

or high energy for dancing.

DJ - Saxophone for background music  - Video below

"Thanks Mark for great Fusion Music last night at the Noblesville Mayor's Charity Ball! The sax & drums were a fresh sound along with the tunes! Every song sounded live! Great job! Use us for referrals!" Teri Ditslear

"Thank you Mark (and Tom) for the lovely music! When I was walking from my office to the dining room, at one point, I thought... That sounds just like a live band!"

Kathy Ray - Private Events Director Sky Line Club.