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Organization and detailed planning before the wedding is the key to a successful event.

Working as a team with my couples enables me to foster a trusting relationship that results in a

personalized celebration that family and friends will always remember.  

I'll work behind the scenes in a pro-active way with all of the players….from your parents to your wedding party and vendors, guiding and managing the often overlooked details of the day.
I know the incremental changes that lead to radical results and will transform a good party to a great party!

Let’s get started to plan your dream wedding, together.

Mark Beecher

20+ years as a full time wedding entertainment DJ

Up Lighting

// Up lighting will enhance your whole reception and bring life to the room at a fraction of the cost of flowers or other decorations. Colors complement your decor. With the room lights down, your venue space will be washed in a soft glow. Up lighting is sure to add to the mood of your BIG day!

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Up lighting

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Wedding Ceremony Service

// Grapevine can make not only your wedding reception memorable, but also your wedding! We offer a complete ceremony package to make your wedding ceremony special for you and all your guests! Plus we make it so easy!

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Double Your Fun!

Engage your guests with a Social Photo Booth! The Social Photo Booth allows guests to create and to share their favorite shots, Boomerings or Gifs immediately via email or text.

Ask about our Glam Booth!

Social Photo Booth!

Glamour booth photobooth
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Call or text me 317.852.3353             Say hi         

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Click the calendar above to see if your wedding date is still available!

The clients I work with count on me to transcend the ordinary and help elevate their parties, weddings, and special events to the next level. You can be certain your guests will notice.
(Unless they have had too many White Claws).

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