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Grapevine's Open Air Social Photo booth!

This social booth is unlike any other. It's both sleek and beautiful, plus it takes up a smaller footprint than a traditional booth.

Add some sizzle to your party with Grapevine's open air social photo booth!

Users instantly text or email their creations straight to their phone!

The social photo booth is a completely customized and fully interactive and offers you and your guests (including guests unable to attend) the choice of Boomerang, Gif, Photo, or Video messages. Grapevine's social station is placed right to the side of the dance floor to keep the energy up and the fun meter set to maximum!

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Touch screen or hands free operation

Post to social media, Facebook, Instagram & More

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Text or email your photos right to your phone!

Snapchat style virtual filters

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Unlimited booth visits and digital media

A Virtual Booth is included for guests who can't attend

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Unlimited Boomerangs, GIFs, Video, and photos

Dozens of custom overlays to choose from

LIVE online virtual photobooth - Please play with it right now!

Each client ALSO gets a VIRTUAL photo booth for guests who can't attend the party. Their photos, gifs, boomerangs and video are posted to the client's online gallery in real time. Click the button below and have some fun with it right now! You will be able to email the pic to yourself to share if you like.

It's ALL included!

  • Guests get their captures immediately via text, email, QR code so they can start sharing the fun on social media.

  • Online live gallery where guests can see all the photos during and after the party!

  • You receive all the digital prints, video and media after the event!

  • A virtual photobooth for guests who could not attend - Their photos also go direct to the gallery in real time!

  • Video recording from 15-120 seconds where guests can leave messages and well wishes

  • Snap chat style fun masks, skin smoothing and glow!

Book in 2021 for the special introductory pricing of just $500.00 (with DJ service)

While we are not offering props at this time, you are welcome to provide them. A wide variety of photobooth props can be found on Amazon.

Price will increase t0 $595.00 Jan 1, 2022

Get the party started by calling 317-852-3353 or contacting us by email or fill in the contact us form below