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Mark's Favorite Things and Wedding Trends

Photo booth - Consider adding to the fun of your wedding with an open-air photo booth, especially when it's positioned near the dance floor.

Savor your special moment with a private first dance before the guests start seating for dinner. This will be a memory you cherish for a lifetime. Bonus: you and your room are looking your best!

A shorter cocktail hour -  45 to 50 minutes is a good balance, and leaves more time for dancing

Combine the Father Daughter & Mother Son dance

Introduce just the bride and groom or, the wedding party as a group followed by the bride and groom.

Cut the cake before dinner. This option allows catering to slice and serve dessert right after dinner. I am also a fan of the dessert table, rather than a plated and served dessert.

Are you pet people? Incorporate your pet into the festivities -  I've seen fat head cut outs, stuffed animal replicas, cocktail stir sticks, bar napkins all with pet images.

Fans -  A fan or two on the dance floor is always a welcome addition.

Towels at the ready - Drinks are almost always spilled on the dance floor. The quicker the clean up, the better. I'm also a fan of switching to plastic beverage ware after the dancing begins. Broken glass and bare feet are a bad mix.

Bubble gun (used sparingly) - I have two you are welcome to borrow. Glow wands and white heart sunglasses have been popular as well.

Sing-a-long songs - Your play list should be full of them! I have lots of suggestions.

Location of DJ booth - The DJ booth should be near the dance floor, with no guest tables between the speakers and dance floor.

Stay together! Nothing will more positivily impact your wedding than the guests seeing the two of you together!

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