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There are a lot of DJs out there to choose from. On the surface, they can all appear to be kind of the same – but be assured, that is far from the case.

Let me help you decide if I would be a good choice for your once-in a lifetime milestone celebration.


I would be a good choice if you are looking for an experienced professional. I have been a self employed full time DJ for 20+ years. I don't do any paid advertising or bridal shows. The majority of my work comes through referrals from venues, wedding planners, photographers and past clients.

By the way, I am the one who will be helping you with the planning  for your wedding, and I will be your DJ for your wedding. I do not subcontract and would not send a part-time DJ you had never met.

I would be a good choice if you are looking for a DJ who is more on the formal side. I do not lead line dances or do “raise the roof” antics. I don't talk up every song or interject much once the dancing starts. At weddings I am more comfortable in a tux or black suit than khakis and a polo.


I would be a good choice if you are looking for a DJ to guide (direct traffic) the events and manage the time-line throughout the night. To me, organization and pre-planning are the key elements to making the entire wedding reception more fun and enjoyable. This ultimately leads to more dancing, which is my main goal.


I would be a good choice if you want someone who knows how how emcee but is not on the mic all night. My job is to focus the guests' attention when and where it needs to be, introduce key players to the mic for their speeches and to inform guests of upcoming events. This is one of many ways I help to make guests feel included. Making guests feel included leads to more dancers.


I would be a good choice if you are wanting to pick some of the music, but not all of the music.

I do want to know what styles of music you and your guests would like and I will take my cue from that conversation. There is no way to predict how guests will respond to a set list of songs so I like to have the flexibility to read the crowd and to change direction if needed. You will have the opportunity to create a favorites list, try to play and do not play song list in your client suite. On average I play between 40 – 50 songs for dancing. I recommend you provide me with 20 – 25 of your favorite songs and I'll try to include as many of those as I can.


I would be a good choice if you are wanting someone who can program and mix music with smooth and seamless transitions (beat-mixing). I do not scratch like a turntablist. Although I will mix out of an underperforming song, I don't do a lot of quick mixing that uses just a chorus or two from the song.

I do have lots of popular songs with shorter edits.

I would be a good choice if you would like some simple dance floor lighting to add energy, but not a light show with moving head sweepers, patterns, lasers, strobes and trusses. My light show creates a colorful wash style effect and the lights are directed to reflect off the ceiling and sides of the floor and not into the dancers eyes. If you are interested, I also offer amazing up lighting that I would love to discuss with you.


I would be a good choice if you desire premium sound. I use only column type speakers that provide excellent distribution and amazing clarity. I do not use traditional box speakers on tripods that can cause ear damage when walking in front of them at high volume. For larger venues with guest counts over 150, I use a pair of Bose L1 Pro32 Line Array Systems With Sub2s. For mid size venues with fewer than 150 guests, I use a pair of Electro Voice Evolve 50 Column Array speakers in either Black or White.


Finally, I would be a good choice to serve as your DJ if you have high expectations and want more than just music. Also, I would work closely as a team with your other vendors to make sure everything runs smoothly and there are no conflicts with their schedules. My packages include unlimited time (no overtime to worry about), in-person meetings, a wireless microphone for toasts and speeches and dance floor lighting.

I can also provide music and microphones for your wedding ceremony, and I make it all simple and easy! If this sounds like just what you are looking for, let's meet and discuss the possibility of us working together to make your wedding celebration exceptional!

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