Spinning the tunes NYE 1986

Wedding at Scottish Rite 2022

                       My weird story...

Hi! My name is Mark Beecher and since the late
90's I have made my living as a full time mobile DJ. After a 3 year stint in the military, I started playing retro sets (oldies) at a local nightclub (corner bar). College formals and various public and private parties followed.
I then began providing the entertainment at weddings after couples started hearing about me through the grapevine. Eventually, and over the course of two decades, I ended up representing a dozen other DJs. Two years ago I decided to scale back and concentrate my efforts on a limited number of epic weddings. I'm married to a teacher-super-woman who I found online 23 years ago. We enjoy traveling (especially to Jamaica, Boston and New Orleans), cooking, waving at strangers, visting parks, kayaking and having a blast on our new Cycleboard scooters! We have a dog named Butter and a cat named Lucy. I am 6'4" but lack any sort of dribbling or free-throw skills.


I descibe my service as formal but fun - I am not a "chatty" DJ, but an important part of my service is keeping guests up to speed with what is going to happen, introducing key players, and focusing the attention when and where it needs to be. I am very proactive and am happy to "direct traffic" to manage the flow of the evening. I play well with others but I don't play games (unless you request one) and I never force people to dance or feel uncomfortable.
I love finding the perfect mix of music that will fill a dance floor with guests of all ages and backgrounds - You are welcome to provide me a list of your favorite songs and your "do not play list". If this sounds what you are looking for, let's meet and see if I would be the perfect choice to provide the music and entertainment at
your epic wedding!