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 Lantern speakers

Exclusive to Grapevine Productions are the garden lantern speakers.
The unique lanterns blend in as part of the decor, but can provide outstanding sound for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or anywhere you want the music and announcements to be.
The internal battery lasts 8+ hours and the lanterns are water resistant. 4-6 lanterns will deliver a one of a kind surround sound type of experience for the guests at your wedding ceremony!
By the way, the lanterns also light up in white, or a rainbow of colors!
Also exclusive to Grapevine are the "Antique" reproduction radios. The radios are a great way to provide music in multi room venues that have a historic feel. Music and announcements are "broadcast" from my main system to as many of the radios as you like. The radios have been retrofitted with quality speakers and an internal receiver - They are also completely battery powered so there are no wires!
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