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Bride & Groom Cell Phone Trivia

How it works

We can create a trivia game about the bride and groom that allows your guests can play using their smart phones! This is a great way to have some fun during the cocktail hour or around the table while guests are waiting for dessert to arrive or while you are having pictures taken. Cards with a QR code and web site link are passed out that takes the guests directly to the web based trivia game!

Try it out. The game may take a few seconds to load.

Click on card above to play

How much?

It's free : )

All you need to do is come up with 10 questions (Be creative!) in this format and I'll do the rest -

Use any questions you like. Email to:


Info after answer is optional


Q1: Where was Amanda and Garrett’s first date?


A: Movie Theatre to watch The Notebook

B: Shelbyville Pool

C: Frosty Boy

Answer:  C (Her mom had to drive them because they were so young they didn’t have their licenses)


Q2: Where is Amanda and Garrett honeymoon destination?


A: Panama City, Florida

B: Cancun, Mexico

C: Atlantis, Bahamas

Answer: C (They are staying at the Excellence Resort)


Q3: What is Amanda and Garrett’s favorite hobby to do together?


A: Watch Sports on television

B: Play board games

C: Go out to eat at restaurants


Answer:  C (Their favorite restaurant is Red Lobster)


Q4: What is Amanda and Garrett’s eye color?


A: blue, hazel

B: green, and brown

C: blue, blue

Answer:   A (Garrett’s eyes change, but are primarily hazel)


Q5: Where did Amanda and Garrett like to hang out after high school days?


A: Boy’s Club

B: Pilot (McDonalds)

C: Garrett’s House

Answer:   B (They enjoyed meeting there after school and after ballgames with friends)


Q6: What sport did Amanda and Garrett enjoy playing together?


A: Softball/Baseball

B: Tennis

C: Basketball

Answer: C (They always played basketball at the Boy’s Club together until it closed) 


Q7: How long have Amanda and Garrett been engaged?


A: 6 months

B: 2 years

C: 3 ½ years

Answer:   B (They got engaged in May of 2012)


Q8: Where did Amanda and Garrett get engaged?


A: Orlando, Florida

B: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

C: Freeport, Bahamas


Answer:   C (He proposed off of the shore on a secluded beach)

Q9: Where did Amanda and Garrett attend college together?


A: Marian University


C: Ivy Tech

Answer:   A (Amanda attended Marian University for one semester with Garrett)


Q10: How will Amanda and Garrett thank you for which of these things?


A. Sharing our special day with us

B. Your sweet dance moves

C. All of the Above


Answer C. Now put away your cell phones and get out there and dance!

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