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There are three options for providing sound/microphones for your wedding ceremony - I only recommend the last one.

Option 1. $150
1 battery powered low profile speaker near alter area
Corded microphone on a stand for the officiant
Set up included
No on site person to adjust volume

Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 11.26.03 AM.png

Option 2. $250
Wireless lavalier microphone for the officiant only + 1 Speaker

Up to 4 wireless microphones


ceremony system 2.jpg

Option 3. $400 - $500
1 battery powered low profile speaker in back of guest area
1 wireless lavalier (tie-clip) or thin wire over the ear microphone (best) for the officiant
1 wireless lavalier (tie-clip) microphone for the groom (will also pick up bride)
1 wireless handheld microphone on stand for a reader
1 Wireless microphone for live musician(s)
Set up included
Mark will adjust volumes throughout wedding ceremony

Add second speaker (spread out) for FULL coverage $100 ($500 total)


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