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Grapevine - fun/unique options


Parent tribute recordings Free


Custom wedding party introduction Free


Newlywed game Free

Get to know you better game - New, UNIQUE, free


Recorded message from friend unable to attend the wedding Free


Karaoke (streaming version) $100


DJ-Drummer combo - $400-$500

Saxophone, Guitarist also available

Musical table release (Free) - A fun way to release tables to the buffet

Cards are placed on each table and guests are told that when they hear "their song" then that is their cue to help themselves to the buffet! (use any choice of music)











Breakthrough/Sillouette Introductions


Custom monogram for the dance floor or wall $350.00


Looking for a fun idea for your reception? Photo montage bingo! A video or photo montage is shown to the guests after dinner. References to things that are in the montage are on bingo cards (you will need lots of references to create a random and different bingo cards). Guests play bingo while watching the photo montage!

Kids and adults might enjoy some coloring time. Download and print pages from this Indy Coloring Book and put your artistic spin on Indy’s monument Circle, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture, or the Central Canal. Click here to download the coloring book

coloring book.png

Here is a simple idea that I came up with that is a take off of the anniversary dance - which is done at so many weddings. It starts with the bride and groom in the center of the dance floor and all the guests are asked to form a big circle around the two of you. A slow, but not too song is played. The DJ (me) announces that different groups will be invited to enter the circle and dance along with the bride and groom but they are to rejoin the circle when another group is called into the center of the circle.
What groups are called? That is up to you, but some examples might be: your parents, grandparents, out of town guests (maybe specific cities), co-workers, high school or college friends, couples who married in the 70's, 60's, 50's (the music could even change to match the decade) – be creative! Or I can handle it all. By the way, this creates a great photo opportunity.


Need music throughout a historic mansion type venue? Read about our "antique" radios and F.M. Transmitter  option to have music in every room! Click on radio for details and video.

Everyone loves party favors!

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